About Us

Yupas Construction is your trustworthy, professional solution to roofing repair and replacement. If siding is needed, we can supply and install this to suit your home or business needs. We have served COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL clients for over 10 years and we are proud to say we can almost always complete your job within one business day. If we see a delay is in the cards due to unforeseen obstacles, we will notify you immediately. We will get back to your site quickly to wrap up. We know you want the job finished quickly and thoroughly.

At Yupas Construction we put safety first. From the clothing, tools and belts for our employees to the safe handling of materials on site, we care about safety for our employees, for you and for your home or business. From the preparation of your building to our installation and final clean up, we keep safety in mind at all times. All of our employees receive safety training with periodic updates to ensure that safety is top of mind for every one of our staff. Shingles and siding protect your home and office. We protect you with our safety protocols! We’d like to stop by your place of business or your home with our samples, so we can help you plan your repair or replacement.

Call (774) 287-6646 or (401) 302-6051 for your convenient appointment time.
Call the experts for an expert job, done in one day.